Our Membership & Accomplishments.

Membership Overview...

Our members make us who we are. We come from all walks of life, but we have some common purposes and they are: ...that we are Catholic gentlemen who have a desire to help others. We may not always assist with money, but with hard labor. We are always seeking more men like us to keep up the good work, are you such a man? If so, please join us.

Congratulations Council Members...


Congratulations to the members of the council for winning the PA State Council - Division 1 awards in the Church and Public Relations. Our council was only six months old when the applications for these awards were completed. Since then we have accomplished a lot more. You too can be part of a winning team!

Community Service

Supporting Local Emergency Responders

Sometimes support can be fun. Several members of the council plan to attended the Pittston City Emergency Services Ball on Saturday, February 7th in our parish hall. We also took a sponsorship ad for the program book. We thank all emergency service workers and pray for their contnued safety and commitment to helping the community.

Photo: Jesse Donahue,Chancellor; Fr John Shearer OSJ, Lecturer; Art Bobbouine, Deputy Grand Knight; John Bingham, Grand Knight; Dion Fernendes, Treasurer; DD Jim Nardone, Trustee.


Membership Growth - Degrees

Our Newest Third Degree Knights

Our congratulations to the following Catholic Gentlemen who received the honors of the 3rd Degree of the Order on Sunday, August 30, 2015: Emory Guffrovich, Dion Fernandes, Joseph Silinskie, Patrick Collins, Charles Iacoca, Nick Barbrie, Sherwood Grabiec and Brian Corcoran.

Congratulations New 3rd Degree Knights (and one 4th Degree)...

We extend congratulations to our new 3rd Degree Knights - Angelo Anzalone, Alex Fernando, Joseph McCulloch, Jim Murphy, Martin Sowa and Jim Wallace. These new third degree knights were part of a class of 22 candidates. Our council played host for District 47 and the conferring of the 3rd Degree.

Immediately following the Third Degree, Father John Shearer OSJ attained the honor of the 4th Degree Knighting by State Secretary Jim Bailoni, our former Master. Congratulations Father John!

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